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Last Year and This

Happy New Year Fleygur Fans. I started this year as I mean to go on – with a lovely ramble with My Mate Roger, My Mare Gydja came too – with the The Woman. Big Fat Cob was supposed to come but he had lost a shoe so got to stay at home and eat hay. Smart move I thought.

So, in 2012 I launched myself into cyber space with a Facebook page – a little joke to begin with, I mean who ever has heard of a talking horse! But I soon discovered there were lots out there – some just being cute or funny, some trying to sell you stuff. My mission? To promote myself and the Icelandic breed of horse – but mainly myself. Every year I find it necessary to launch the “Free the Fleygur” campaign as My Mate Roger accuses me of being fat and restricts me to a small paddock while Big Fat Cob gets to roam the whole field and….well…get fat(ter)! So I figured the more friends I could get the better chance I have of being freed while there is some rich grass left! It didn’t work this year – but hey ho.

So, after Facebook came Twitter where I follow lots of things horsey and lots of things and people Icelandic – a lovely reminder of the beautiful and challenging country of my origin. You will find there first some of my Little Viking Horse Wisdom and once I have tried it out there I may post it here on my Little Viking Horse Wisdom page.

And here on my Blog I hope to persuade lots more of you humans (as I don’t really believe in talking horses) of the wonders of the Icelandic Horse. I am not making any New Years resolutions as I am practically perfect already – but you humans should make them. If you never have, promise yourself a ride on an Icelandic Horse and experience the magic of the tolt. If you already have an Icelandic Horse of your own – get another. We are collectable you know!


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