Fleygur Fact File no:2 The Gaits

1. The Icelandic horse is one a very few species to have retained the tölt – it is believed that at one time most or all riding horses had this special gait and it was highly prized

2. The tölt is a four beat gait with the same footfall as the walk. It is very comfortable and suitable for long distance riding

3. I, Fleygur, along with other five gaited Icelandics can also perform a gait called pace which is very fast – and useful for leaving big fat cob behind in a shower of sand when beach riding.

For more information on the gaits, including ideas for working on problems try these links:-

For basic description go to http://ihsgb.co.uk/icelandic-horses/the-gaits-of-the-icelandic-horse/

For more detail and fixing problems got to http://www.icelandichorse.is/tolt.htm

For the science go to http://www.nature.com/news/horse-gait-traced-to-single-mutation-1.11308

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