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About food

I have been thinking…… I do a lot of that. I have been thinking about food……. That’s what I think about most.

When I am trapped in the small paddock (apparently for my own good)  I spend hours gazing into space thinking about food. At least that’s what I do when My Mate Roger is looking, in a vain attempt to give the impression that there is nothing worth eating in the sparse dusty, tiny enclosure that isn’t big enough to deserve the title “paddock”. When he is not looking I use my very versatile lips to tease out the tiniest suggestion of grass tips and paw the dirt to expose nice juicy roots hidden under the surface – and if all else fails I use my incredibly thick mane to insulate me from the electric fence and stretch as far as I can underneath to crop a short grass path that extends all around the enclosure.

When I am released into the big field it’s a whole new menu. Mostly I eat grass, and if that runs short I stomp on the nettles and eat those, or pick the tops off with my very versatile lips.

Some times I eat thistles and sometimes I go to the boggy bit of the field and eat reeds – Big Fat Cob can’t eat those being a Cob and not having a versatile stomach like me.


Sometimes My Mate Roger gives me chaff or hay and if I am lucky I can beg a carrot from the humans who visit the grave yard next to our field – but don’t tell My Mate Roger – he thinks he is the only human allowed to feed me. Apples – great, thanks very much.


What I have never eaten is a banana. And I have no intention of doing  so.



3 thoughts on “About food”

  1. Dear Fleygur, I love your blog. You can never have too many Icelandic horses or too many Icelandic horse blogs. You might want to try bananas again. I found that they can be quite tasty after the first few bites. Here is a link to my adventures with bananas entitled “Bad Banana Boy.”
    Any my owner tries to restrict my eating also. This is a very wrong thing.
    Do you think you owner would let my owner list your blog on my blog page?
    Sincerely, Blessi from the Colonies

      1. Hello Fleygur,
        I have recently discovered plums fallen right off the trees. I even learned to spit out the pitt. My owner thinks I am too fluffy–just because my girth needs to be put out a few notches. I even had to break out of my pasture recently just to get some extra grazing.
        Blessi from the Colonies

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