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Little Viking Horse

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Extract – Chapter One Wobbly Beginnings

“A new born foal, black as lava, dropped steaming into the straw, as a storm battered the wooden walls of the barn, threatening to tear it down. Outside the clouds in the night sky obscured the full moon, but inside a shiny crescent moon was clearly visible on the foal’s forehead, and a little white streak like a fork of lightning danced on the end of his nose.

The mare turned to lick him, but before he was even dry she began to push him with her nose. He was less than an hour old and did not yet have his own name, so she just called him her little Viking.

Come, Little Viking Horse, on your feet.

At first Little Viking Horse did not know what to do with his disobedient legs, and each time he tried to stand he just ended up in a heap on the straw again. But his mother kept encouraging him with gentle shove and kicks, until finally he was standing on all four legs. Wobbling a bit, but he was standing.”

About the Book

Sold to a new home, Icelandic horse Fleygur longs to find a horse-talking human who can understand him. Instead, he endures cruelty and is finally abandoned. Rescued by 11-year-old Roger, Fleygur begins to believe he has found ‘the one’.

But can they each overcome their past trauma? Can Roger hold on to his little Viking horse, and will Fleygur trust Roger enough to follow him into a burning barn…?

A heart-warming story of trust and friendship, for 9-12 year-olds and horse lovers of any age, Little Viking Horse explores the special bond between a horse and his boy, Roger, as they learn to truly listen to one another.

Praise for Little Viking Horse

It has that Black Beauty feel…

Penny Thomas, Publisher, Firefly Press

Do you love books? Do you love horses? Especially Icelandic horses – though any old horse will do! Do you have kids, or are you a big kid at heart? If you can say ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you are going to love this book.

Fi Pugh, International Icelandic Horse Judge

Catherine is an excellent writer and I never tire of spending time with her Little Viking Horse. Get ready for a wild, emotional ride!

Imogen Cooper, Award winning Childrens’ book editor and founder of the Golden Egg Academy

I really loved this book. It was exciting, funny and at times a little scary.

Jack, aged 12


Publication date: 5th October 2021

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Cover Image by Nicola Guenigault

Cover and interior design by Alison Withey

Illustrations by Mic Rushen, Solva Icelandics

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