The Book

The Little Viking Horse 

Fleygur, a little horse with a big heart, his boy, and a dream of a Championships…..

A heartwarming story of relationship, trust and adventure, told though the eyes and ears of Icelandic horse Fleygur. A fictional children’s book (ages 8 -12) ready for submission to publishers shortly.

How the book came about

As the popularity of the Little Viking Horse Facebook page grew a few people encouraged me to write a book. Eventually I began to pen a few scenes, based on the character of Fleygur, and using many of the incidences and events that Roger and I had experienced with our little herd, or stories that Roger had told me about his various horses in the past.

Having always loved stories about animals I was inspired by Black Beauty to write from the perspective of the horse, and in a way that would make people think more deeply about what horses might actually think and want. When Anna Sewell wrote Black Beauty she wanted her book to actually change how horses were treated for the better. I wanted to achieve the same. Is that dreaming too big, or is that the power of intention? Only the future will tell.

Then, when Imogen Cooper, founder of the Golden Egg Academy, commented on one of my posts, ‘someone should be writing a Children’s book,’  I looked her up and found she was an award winning editor, who also happened to love Icelandic horses. I began to think I could seriously do it.

But then life, and as it turned out death, got in the way. My work got very very busy and my writing slowed. I still found some time to write on my fifteen minute train commute, and in the evenings I would read what I had written to Roger, as he prepared dinner. He loved it,  though I can now see how raw some of that writing was. Roger died suddenly in 2016 and lots of things ground to a halt at that point. I wrote, but about my loss and my grief, and later about how being with the horses was helping me, but all work on my book stopped as I grappled with life and work without Roger.

In 2017 I left my busy job and took some time out to recover and reflect on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. One of those things was definitely to ‘write that book!’ and in 2018 I joined the Golden Egg Academy programme and started work in earnest – learning the craft of writing for children, and re working what I had done as a result! Now I have written a 50,000 novel which  hope will very soon be ready to submit to publishers!

Followers of my blog, friends in the Icelandic horse community, and my family are impatient for the book. As soon as I have any news I will let you all know!