The Herd

Here you can find out about the real members of Team LVH, past and present, who inspired the story in the book.

Fans and followers on Facebook know them as Little Viking Horse (LVH), My Mare Gydja (MMG), Blondie, Big Fat Cob (BFC) and Good Boy Jandi, but who are they really?

Scroll through to find out!

5 thoughts on “The Herd”

  1. I like the Little Viking Hirse. I have two for myself. Ljosadis and Glymur. On Holidays Juli 2015 I ‘ ll make a yourney to scottland and I Hope I see icelandic horses there. Can you help me Witz an adress? Three weeks without a horse, very difficult.
    Best regards from Germany your Fan, sabine

      19th – 21st JUNE
      West Tarf, West Linton, Peebleshire EH46 7AA

      Look forward to seeing you there

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