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Hello and welcome to my blog

Hello and welcome to my blog

This is me! I am an Icelandic horse living in South Shropshire, England. I share my field with My Mare Gydja, also a lovely Icelandic horse and Big Fat Cob who is not Icelandic – or lovely. My Mate Roger and the Woman occasionally turn up to provide extra food or take us for a ramble. My main concern in life is to avoid being trapped in the small paddock (on the spurious grounds that I am too fat) and to escape if I am already in there. Along the way I hope to educate people about the wonders of the Icelandic Horse – and show you where you can get more information

Update: In May 2013 the herd expanded to include The Baby Blondie, another lovely Icelandic horse, though Big Fat Cob didn’t think he was lovely at all at first, and tried to drive him away.

Update: In May 2015 we were joined by Good Boy Jandi who thinks he’s boss horse and everyone thinks is cute. BFC went to live down the road, but we still see him from time to time.


6 thoughts on “Hello and welcome to my blog”

  1. Hey Fleygur,

    Bumped into you (& Sviper) earlier today at The Brittania today.

    Great to meet you and thanks for your patience and great behavior with my kids (Joseph & Eva).

    Sorry we didn’t break our apples into smaller chunks for you, but I’m sure you liked the juicy variety we gave you.

    Anyway, as I promised your rider, if you need/fancy a little help finding more direction with your Web Marketing (‘free’ not selling anything), tell her to feel free to speak with me, it would be great to hear from her. On 01792830054 or s.walters@smehelper.com take care out there!

    PS. Seriously impressed at your ability to type let alone great writing style. Keep in touch. x

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