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No foot, no horse…..no competition?

The big question in My Mate Rogers’ mind is, ‘will I, or won’t I be fit in time for the Tölt in Harmony competition?’ We had begun our training, practicing slowing down, and speeding up in walk, and tölt. I am especially good at the fast bits. I was getting fitter, and My Mate Roger was pleased with my progress. We have a lot to prove, after my performance at lasts years British Icelandic Horse Championships.

Then, last Sunday, I had a mishap with one of my shoes. The shoes had recently been fitted by the Shoe Man, so were nice and solid.  I was with the herd, in the bottom corner of the field, when we started to move off. One of my feet wouldn’t move. Something had caught on my shoe. I pulled and pulled, and being very strong I managed to get free, but there was a cost. I felt a sharp pain in my foot, and as I tried to run away, I found I couldn’t put my foot down flat. I limped a few paces and stopped, waiting to be rescued.

The Woman arrived in the field first, with a friend, all kitted up and ready to ride. When she saw me in the far corner of the field, holding my leg off the ground, she must have thought I had broken it, she looked very concerned, but when she saw my shoe, she could see the problem. My Mate Roger arrived and took my shoe off.

Twisted shoe

Finally, I could put my foot to the ground, but I still didn’t feel good, and didn’t really want to move. I could hardly walk, and was very subdued. The Vet was called, and the Woman, her friend, and My Mate Roger waited in the field with me. Blondie came over to see me, but I did not feel like playing.

Blondie says 'hi'
I don’t want to play, Blondie

The vet found where the nails from the shoe had punctured the sole of my foot, and said it would certainly get infected. He said I would get worse, before I got better. and gave me an injection for the pain. I had to stand in a bucket of hot, salty water. I took my foot out the first time, but My Mate Roger put it back in, and gave me a treat, so I got the idea, and kept it in until I was asked to lift it again. Then he wrapped my foot with a dressing, vet-wrap, and duck tape! My Mate Roger is a human nurse, so he knew what to do.

The first poultice
Dressing and vet-wrap applied
Standing in bucket of hot, salty water
Standing in bucket of hot, salty water
Where the nails punctured the sole
Where the nails punctured the sole


This procedure was repeated twice a day over the next few days, so I became very expert at it. Stand with foot in hot water…….get a treat. Stand with foot up for poultice to be put on,…..get a treat. Look sorry for myself, and hobble in a little circle…….get a treat. I got so expert at this, that I didn’t really need to be held, or even have a halter on. There was some debate about whether, or not I should go in a stable. The neighbours offered to lend me one. Lots of my Fleygur Fans on Facebook gave their views and advice, but eventually it was decided that I could stay out. That way I was in my usual place, with my herd, and could move around if I wanted to, keeping fit and helping to pump the nasty pus out of my foot.

I know the routine
I know the routine

After a couple of days I felt a lot better, and My Mate Roger stopped giving the magic powder in my feed. In fact, I didn’t get any feed at all, just hay. The next day I got a lot worse, and could hardly put my foot down, and that evening I got another feed! The vet came again, and said I was doing really well, and that I should make a good recovery, and then I got spotted, by the Woman, playing with Blondie. She claims she saw me cantering, and bucking! Where is the evidence? I think I should still get feeds (with or without the magic powder) but somehow I think that may not happen.

Where is the evidence that I have been running about?
Where is the evidence that I have been running about?

So, I am on the road to recovery, but it is just fifteen days until the Tölt in Harmony Competition. Will I be able to go?



2 thoughts on “No foot, no horse…..no competition?”

  1. What a brave boy! Mey, Jofur and Prjona send their love and hope you will be fit for Tolt in Harmony.

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