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The Kinver Country Fayre

Last Sunday My Mare Gydja and I had a staring role at a local country fayre. We had been asked to star alongside the Vikings, who were turning up to do battle, and be generally scary. Icelandic horses are the direct descendants of the horses of the Vikings, so it was only right the we attend.

It was a good opportunity to tell everyone how wonderful Icelandic horse are, so off we went. It all started well enough, and the Woman set up the stand, while My Mate Roger played at being a Viking.



But that was not all there was to it. Then we had to ride in the parade through the village. My Mare Gydja didn’t think there was a big problem, but I didn’t like it one bit! There was a marching band, shouting Vikings, banging drums, waving flags, Morris dancers, belly dancers, balloons and balls. My Mate Roger had to get off and lead me though.


Finally we got back the the show ground, and our camp, next to the Vikings. Lots of people came to visit us, and some Fleygur Fans were very small indeed. I was very well behaved, obviously.

Then it was our turn in the arena! I demonstrated the walk, trot and tölt, while the Woman stood in the middle explaining how awesome I am, and being bossy, as usual. Then we all tölted off together, and the crowd applauded us!




Then the Vikings started fighting, and it all looked a bit gruesome. My Mare Gydja and I agreed that humans are just a little bit crazy.




At last it was time to go home for a long rest. However today we are off to the British Icelandic Horse Championship and Festival. It is turning out to be a busy summer.


New Home



2 thoughts on “The Kinver Country Fayre”

  1. How exciting! Have fun at the British Championships. Mey, Jofur and Prjona send their respective best wishes.

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