The Spring Show is here!


This is me, at the Spring Show in Verwood, Dorset, England. On the eve of the Show the early arrivers rode out together. Today is the Spring Fling – including the fancy dress! The serious classes start tomorrow. A full report of how awesome I am will be posted on my return.


2 thoughts on “The Spring Show is here!”

  1. Hi LVH, good to see you enjoying yourself. I am absolutely gutted as I was to be at the show and so looking forward to meeting you,Blondie, MMR and the Woman but I am still recovering from my little accident in the fancy dress last September. My Elfie is still with our friends at Oakfield since that day so if you see a sharp little black mare in the paddocks there looking like she wants to join in that will be my Elfie. I am looking forward to seeing pics of your fancy dress!! I have been up to ride Elfie a few times last month, and boy did it feel good to be reunited with my lovely girl! Elfie was going to have a Nina Simone ‘hair do’ and her rider (that’s me) wearing a kimono with Feeling Good on it and pics from the song …Elfie and I were also looking forward to joining you and other friends on the early arrivals ride out, sniff. But I am looking forward instead to hearing that you have all had a good time and fun and games before the serious stuff starts. Knock ’em dead Fleygeur!! Is mini Fleygeur with you too? Lots of Smoochies xx Jennifer and Elfie

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