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Fleygur Immortalised!

A few weeks ago The Woman announced she had commissioned a model of me – I was to be immortalised!

My Mate Roger said I should not get over excited, and that The Woman was full of good ideas that didn’t always amount to much. My Mate Roger said I should wait and see the finished product. Big Fat Cob was unimpressed and My Mare Gydja just gave me one of her strange looks.

Trafalga squareBut I was already visualising my statue, I thought I could mount it in Trafalgar Square,

Some fans pointed out that it would get covered in pigeon shit. I hadn’t thought of that. Maybe it could be shown in the British Museum, it would be under cover and there are other status of small riding horses, which look a lot like they are tölting. I’d be in good company.09 01 12_0657

The Woman said the statue was under construction, and I had visions of a grand unveiling


But the Woman also said I should not get carried away and it was more of a model than a statue. My mate Helgi said he would be disappointed if it wasn’t full size. I was getting a little worried myself.

But finally it arrived….in the post! Can’t be very big then (sorry Helgi)20130406-145714.jpg

The time for the grand unveiling had finally arrived…..me, at last, immortalised….20130406-145906.jpg20130406-150836.jpg

It’s cute don’t you think? Just what I had in mind.

Mini Fleygur made by Sheepycreations (on the left!) http://www.facebook.com/SheepyCreationsMini Fleygur

Me (on the right!)



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