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Boot Camp gets cancelled.

When I said, in a previous post that the thieves ‘took the gate off the hinges’, what I should have said they ‘took the hinges off’ ……by driving their vehicle through the gate – which was closed at the time! It was a scary moment but it did at least present the possibility that the dreaded “boot camp” at Helgi’s house would have to be cancelled. I do refute the suggestion from one of my friends that I arranged the theft to avoid boot camp. You humans do have to remember I am only horse. I know I am an Icelandic horse which makes me exceptionally clever and talented, but even I can’t engineer conspiracies with thieves to avoid boot camp.

However it appears that My Mate Roger was not to be thwarted, and that afternoon he reappeared with the trailer (helpfully recovered by West Mercia Police) and a pile of new locks! So it looked like boot camp was back on.

Then Friday evening My Mate Roger didn’t come with my hay as usual – which was strange. The Woman came instead, though she was late. My Mare Gydja was waiting at the top of the ramp instead of in her proper position 3rd in line, below the ramp. She was soon told to shift. Standing on the ramp when the hay is due is not permitted. Even I know that. This was made very clear to me following the “mug The Woman for hay” incident a few weeks ago.

The woman said the trip to Helgi’s house was cancelled as My Mate Roger had to go away on urgent family business. So it appeared boot camp was off again!

imageThings are really not as they are supposed to be this weekend My Mate Roger didn’t come again on Saturday.  The Woman came and told me to get off the ramp, and then took My Mare Gydja out – they went for a ramble on their own! I watched them get ready

“Where are you taking my mare? What about me? Where is My Mate Roger?”

I stood at the ramp and called and called as they went up the lane, but My Mare Gydja didn’t answer. Then Big Fat Cob told me to shut up as he was stood beside me, below the ramp, and I was neighing in his ear.image







They were gone ages – then I heard her hoof beats on the road, so I started calling again and Big Fat Cob joined in. I ran down to the bottom gate, but she had already gone past. So I galloped up the hill, with Big Fat Cob bucking all the way, to wait for her at the top gate….I got into trouble again for waiting on the ramp for hay…opps.


“Oh it’s you. I am not sneaking up the ramp, honest!”

So now it’s Sunday – and its snowing, and there is still no sign of My Mate Roger. Boot Camp has definitely been cancelled, and instead I have had a whole weeks rest. Boy am I going to be full of beans next time me and My Mate Roger go for a ramble.


2 thoughts on “Boot Camp gets cancelled.”

  1. Even in deepest Portsmouth you are still in my thoughts. Even as I write I have piece of your tail around my wrist held together with a silver clasp. ( The woman had it made for Xmas present. ) Hopefully things back to normal next weekend.

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