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Thieves in the night

Last night there was some very strange goings on. My Mate Roger came and delivered hay as normal, then it got dark, then very dark and then all the lights in the humans houses in the village went off. We horses were minding our own business…

I heard a noise down at the gate, and we all wandered to the top of the hump in the field to take a look. Some shadowy human figures had appeared and were opening in the gate. It wasn’t My Mate Roger, or the Woman, or any of the other humans we know. And I wasn’t at all sure they should be taking the gate off it’s hinges like that! We all stared at them. I am not sure they could see us – humans don’t see too well in the dark. They started messing with the stable on wheels that we use when we go on our holidays. Big Fat Cob didn’t like that. He doesn’t like to go in the stable on wheels and gets very upset when humans mess around with it, especially when they start hitching it up to a vehicle, which was what these humans were doing by now.

Big Fat Cob snorted and galloped up the field putting in a buck on the way…he always does that. Its his way of saying “if you think I am going in there you’d better think again!”. If they were thinking of taking him as well as the stable on wheels they must have thought better of it at the point.

Me and My Mare Gydja stayed quiet and still.

Then they just drove off, taking the stable on wheels with them. As soon as they pulled away the light in the human house opposite came on, and our human neighbour came out. She seemed to be counting us “1, 2….3…” and then closed the gate. A white car with blue lights came and then went, and then it went all quiet.

I didn’t like all that business – strangers in our field. But then on the plus side, I began to think, if there is no stable on wheels then My Mate Roger can’t take us to boot camp at Helgi’s house at the weekend. Every cloud….

Then this afternoon, My Mate Roger turned up with the stable on wheels – blimey how did he get that back so quickly? He didn’t seem happy about it all. It seems to have a lot more locks on it now………and apparently we are going to boot camp after all.


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