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The story of My Favorite Day Ever

This is a picture of my favorite day ever. Here is the story.My favourite day ever
Three years ago, I was living happily with my previous humans, and My Mare Gydja in the north of England. I was very loved and well treated, but I had noticed that I wasn’t being ridden so much as I use to. Then one day, Roger (he wasn’t My Mate yet) and The Woman arrived for a visit. They both rode me, and took photos and petted me. They seemed nice, but I didn’t like being taken away from My Mare Gydja for the riding, and pulled and tossed my head around and was generally pretty naughty. Back in the yard Roger said “we’ll take him”. The Woman gave him a funny look saying “are you mad? He’s got no brakes!” There was quite a bit more talking and then Roger and the Woman left. Maybe they didn’t like me after all. But I didn’t mind, I still had My Mare Gydja.
But the next weekend – they were back and I was sold to My Mate Roger.

They collected up my stuff and I walked into the trailer. But wait a minute, where is My Mare Gydja? Isn’t she coming too? I could hear voices, and I could still smell my lovely mare but the back of the trailer was raised and My Mare Gydja was left behind. We had been together just the two of us for five years and she was my herd, the only one I had. I called for her as the trailer pulled out of the yard, but I couldn’t see or hear her and eventually I couldn’t smell her either – or anything familiar. I was feeling very nervous and I thought I would never see my pretty mare again.

I came to live with Big Fat Cob and after he had chased me around the field a bit and pointed out all the hay was his, we got along fine and eventually I settled into my new home. But I never forgot Gydja.

Then, two years later, one day last November the trailer disappeared from the field with My Mate Roger and the Woman for several hours. (we’re not posh enough to have a yard, stables – stuff like that). When they arrived back Big Fat Cob and I wandered over for a look.
There was something in our trailer I could tell. The Woman opened the side door of the trailer a little black fluffy nose poked out.

I couldn’t believe my nose and eyes – it was MY MARE Gydia!

My Mare Gydja and I were given a special paddock – just me and her – to get re-acquainted. I was so happy and ran around and around the paddock tossing my head and nickering to her. She was impressed I could tell. Big Fat Cob didn’t like being left out of the action and he played up something rotten.
I didn’t care…..My Mare Gydja was back, that’s all that mattered.

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