Fleygur Fact File no:4 Feeding

1. Icelandic horses are very very good doers and unless in hard work are not likely to need any extra feeding and will do well enough. Of course for optimum fitness you might like to get more scientific about it.

2. It has been discovered that the Icelandic horse’s digestive system differs from other breeds – the posteria part being bigger and more developed. *Ref the blue book

3. Even in Iceland many horses are often not given extra food until the new year (depending on the winter conditions)


I am always very concerned about getting enough food and it is a regular subject matter in my blog

Little Viking Horse on the subject of food

More information about keeping Icelandic horses here:-

Detailed advice from Siamber Wen Icelandic’s – my breeders

The Icelandic Horse – the definitive book on Icelandic horses often called just ‘the blue book’

Icelandic Horse Society advice


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